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The most versatile hi-hat available!
  • "This is one of those products that has actual
    production people in mind when it is being
    designed…The mounting options for this hi-hat are

    "We've used a range of Hi-Hats in shooting Olympic
    sports to being on the sidelines of an NFL game, and
    the Induro Hi-Hat is both a flexible and robust solution
    all in a travel friendly size. Being able to move your
    setup quickly, adjust the leg height and angle, and get
    it leveled in a moment's notice all mean you can shoot
    more and shoot better." –
    Patrick Moreau, Stillmotion

  • "I see the Hi-Hat fitting in nicely on productions that have a small crew or limited space, and for those situations where you need one piece of gear to do multiple jobs in a timely fashion. It is these situations where this tool really shines." – Ryan Walters – Read full Hi-Hat review

    "Without a doubt, the Induro Hi-Hat is one of the most invaluable hi-hats on the market today; versatile, affordable, and built to last. It has got the best of both worlds: tripod and hi-hat all rolled into one. Whether shooting a sports documentary for ESPN, or a commercial project for top-level clients, we only use the best. That's why we use the Induro Hi-Hat," – Casey Warren, Mindcastle

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*Shown with wooden octagon board


Each leg extends an additional 2 inches for fine adjustment. Included is a 100mm half ball adapter for mounting flat base
3/8” heads.

Supports up to 200 lbs

Whether you’re shooting with an HDSLR or the latest digital cinema camera, this hi-hat can support the payload.

Get low

Each leg has 3 positions for super low shots as well as uneven surfaces. Equipped with rubber pivoting feet, you can place the hi-hat on any surface without causing damage. Reinforced mounting holes can be used for mounting to a wooden board.


You can fold up the hi-hat allowing you to travel anywhere.

Backed By:

Induro 10-Year Warranty.

5 years at purchase + 5 years after registering.
Stay Tuned: 75 mm Hi-Hat coming in December 2012.
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