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Bret Edge is a professional landscape and adventure photographer in Moab, Utah. His images have been published worldwide in magazines, books, advertisements, calendars and tourism brochures. His clients include Popular Photography, Outdoor Photographer, Backpacker, Runner’s World, and Budget Travel magazines, the Utah Office of Tourism, Charles Schwab and Co., Inc. and Hogan Construction. Bret leads private and group workshops throughout the Rocky Mountain region. He and his wife Melissa also own and operate The Edge Gallery in downtown Moab. When he isn't wandering around with a camera in his hands he enjoys spending time camping, hiking, mountain biking and road tripping with his family.

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My favorite camera brand is Canon.

Honestly, I can't choose only one photographer that inspires me most. I've found so much inspiration from a variety of photographers including Ansel Adams, Jack Dykinga, David Muench, Eliot Porter and Galen Rowell, to name a few.

My image of sunset on a stormy day at Green River Overlook in Canyonlands National Park is probably my favorite photograph. It's one of those locations I'd photographed dozens of times but the conditions were never quite what I'd visualized. Finally, one stormy afternoon in the spring, everything came together for only a few seconds and I was able to make the image I'd had rattling around in my head for a couple of years. Every time I see it I'm transported back to that moment when the sun burst through the clouds to illuminate the canyon below and the elation I felt to bear witness to such a magical moment in nature.

I made a pretty intentional transition into the world of professional photography in 2006. I had been photographing for 7 years at that point and had recently moved to Moab to further pursue photography. That same year I began leading workshops and actively marketing my work to the commercial and consumer markets. I think at the end of the year when I realized I had to claim the income on my taxes I also realized I'd just made the jump into professional photography.